Classic 6 piece Winecollection

When we decided to make this classical package, our prime factor was diversity. From the winery’s classical options, we choose 2 white, 3 red and one rosé wine. We belive, this could be the perfect choice for every event. The fruity tastes and freshness could be builted on each other. One of the special features is, that our only sweet red wine takes place in this package too. For the ones, who is not familiar with our winery, this could be the best option to every social event, and for the ones who are our guest for years, the perfect deal. Highly recommend to family gatherings, romantic nights or just a friendly at-home party with your loved ones, in every season!

Berta Egri Cuvée 2020
Bokréta Egri Cuvée 2020
Egri Rosé 2020
Bertram Egri Cuvée 2017
Tréfli Cuvée 2018
Egri Cabernet franc – Merlot 2017

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 12 cm

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