Egri Bikavér Superior 2016

4 190 Ft

Wine description: Only the most outstanding vintages produce Superior, which is the top category of the Bikavér. It contains varieties from both the Carpathian-basin and worldwide known varieties in equal balance. 18-month wooden barrel aging was followed by long aging in the bottles. Superior dry red wine with protected origin. 18 months traditional barrel aging with full malolactic fermentation and long bottle aging.
Recommendation: It accompanies beef and wild games the best. For example, we suggest a pairing with grilled steak with potato strudel. It is best consumed at 16-18°C.

Award: Challenge Intarnational du Vin Bordeaux 2018 – Silver Medal, Eger Wine Region Wine Competition 2018 – Golden Medal (The Best Bikavér of Eger), National Wine Competition 2018 – Golden Medal, VinAgora International Wine Competition 2018 – Golden Medal, Eger Wine Region Wine Competition 2019- Golden Medal, National Wine Competition 2019-Silver Medal

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Weight 1.35 kg
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Eger Wine Region


14 %


5,7 g/l


0,75 l