Vili Papa cuvée selection 2009

9 230 Ft

Wine description: Extremely dark ruby color with very intensive fruity and spicy nose. There is significant extract sweetness on the palate. Velvety tannins. It has an exciting and pleasant finish. Complex and concentrated. It has 20 years potential. Quality dry red wine. The prestige wine of the winery.
Technology: Hot, sunshine-filled summer, long calm fall, ideal precipitation conditions. Highly restrained production. New barrique barrel aging.
Recommendation: It accompanies aged beef, wild game, venison, and lamb the best. We suggest a pairing with venison tenderloin and wild mushrooms. It is best consumed at 16-18°C.
Award:  Challenge 2013-Bronze Medal, National Wine Competition 2013-Golden Medal, Challenge 2014-Silver Medal, National Wine Competition 2014-Golden Medal, Eger Wine Region Wine Competition 2014-Golden Medal, Vinagora 2015-Silver Medal, Challenge 2015-Bronze Medal, Eger Wine Region Wine Competition 2015-Silver Medal, National Wine Competition 2017-Golden Medal, Eger Wine Region Wine Competition 2019- Golden Medal, National Wine Competition 2019-Golden Medal

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Weight 1.35 kg
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Eger Wine Region




5,4 g/l


0,75 l