Why is Vili Papa the name of the wine ?

Why is Vili Papa the wine name? I asked my grandfather, Vilmos Thummerer.
Our vineyard was an important aspect in the development of our winery besides the right quality wines to represent us in the highest quality category.
We have excellent vineyards, for which we have adapted the species crust and the cultivation method as well as the load of vines.
Among these wines, we also deserved the outstanding Bordeaux blending, which was formulated during my visit to the Bordeaux wine region.
Only in the finest vintage, with low capital load, well-ripened aroma and flavor rich grapes, we produce this large-bodied wine with long-lasting fermentation, which is matured in a new barrique barrel and is marketed after several years of bottle aging. This is our wine cellar.
My grandchildren who helped me at that time were Vili’s priest. (Today, “only” Papa.)
The use of my first name should be a guarantee that no wine will be placed under this name. It is also important to be long-lived, to enjoy a great enjoyment even at the age of 10-20.

Pulay Polett