20.000 Ft feletti vásárlása esetén rendelését ingyenesen kiszállítjuk az ország egész területére!


Guided winery tours and wine tasting events only available after makin a reservation.

Monday,Tuesday: We are closed

Thummerer Éva
Phone: +36 20 946 2178
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Web: www.magtarfogado.hu

Attending a cellar visit, the guests get an opportunity to take a walk in the 4200 m2 cellar system, which was carved into a volcanic tuff mountain and see barrel and bottle aging isles, modern technological equipment, stainless steel tanks and the everyday work of the winery. After the walk, the guests can take part in our different wine tasting programs, where we provide the tasting of 6 different types of our wines harmonized with meals. During the guided wine tasting, you can learn about tasting skills and the harmony between the wine and food.


1. Cellar visit (min. 8 people)
Tasting six types of wine with a tasting platter (cheese, cottage cheese, bread, apple)

2. Cellar visit (min. 8 people)
Cheese and wine tasting (six types of wine paired with six types of artisan home-made cheese)

3. Wine tasting with wood-fired dishes (min. 12 people)
Tasting six types of wine with a lunch or dinner made in our wood fired oven (different menus)

4. Wine degustation dinners
Wine tasting with a set menu where the harmony between the wine and the meal provides a unique experience.

5. Cooking courses

Wine tasting provides a unique and complex experience. We hope you will be part of this experience too!

Would you like to become an amateur wine expert? Do you think that the wine world is gradually getting more complicated?

Feel the unique tastes and flavors of the wine, which you can discover over and over again. During wine tastings we not only please our palates but also nourish our souls. The process of enjoying wine gives us a break from daily stress.
If you like to drink red and white wine, but can’t always describe what you are sensing on your palate or express in words the different aromas or characters, don’t worry! Most of us are like this. But if you want to know a little more about wine, how wines are made and how to taste wine, we are more than happy to welcome you on one of our wine tasting events.

Walking in the cellar with guests