Vintage summary

This year we started harvesting in the middle of August with the Cabernet Dorsa grape variety from which this year’s first roses are made. Unlike the average, this vintage started 2 weeks earlier this year, as maturity was more advanced due to weather conditions. In terms of quantity, the yield was lower but the quality was higher this year. Thanks to the favorable weather during the harvest, we could wait for the ideal maturation status for all breeds. The harvest was closed with the Merlot vine variety harvested from the Tekenőhát dessert. Another specialty of this year is that the Syrah from the Great Eged drift seems extremely promising! For a long time, Tramini has been refreshed for a long time and has a very special and enjoyable flavor. Based on the first tastings, it turns out to be a good year for 2018.


Pulay Polett