The new bottle of Eger Wine Region

The new bottle of Eger Wine Region

Who hasn’t heard of the siege of 1552, when Dobó’s fighters defended the castle of Eger bravely from the big Turkish army. We still remember the heroic acts and the people who died for the castle, for Eger. This event plays an important cultural role in the region even today, for example the story of Egri Bikavér is also in connection with this.

With the new wine bottle of Eger, we remember and honor the occasion – under the neck of the bottle “1552” appears next to “Eger”. The members of Egri Borműhely wine community designed the bottle together, which got manufactured in the spring of 2019. The shape was inspired by a bottle used in the 1930s in the wine region, that was almost forgotten in the modern world. These unique wine bottles can only be used for wines produced from the wine region, and these also have to be blind tasted first by a group of winemakers. They can be used for whites, reds, varietal and blended wines as well – the only and most important criteria is that they always have to be superior or grand superior quality products. Therefore classicus qualified wines can’t be put into these bottles. This is a guarantee of high quality for the consumers.

Our winery is a member of Egri Borműhely wine community; so we took this opportunity and used the new design to come up with something special. When planning the new label we thought about harmonizing the shape of the bottle with some contrast, keeping our signature clean and elegant label designs. We put the 2016 Egri Bikavér Superior into these new bottles, which is similarly to the previous vintages made of Kékfrankos, Cabernet franc, Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot and Syrah. After the 18 months oak barrel aging and full malolactic fermentation, the wine matured in the bottles for 6 months as well.

This new product is available on the market since the beginning of this year, so we could start the new year with something special. It is very important for us to produce high quality wines with some limited edition original products every year. This wine has intense smell, discreet tannins, soft wooden aging aromas which we recommend to a main dish or just as an accompany to a conversation with a friend.