Cellar hidden treasures…1.part

Did I find a museum item, what should I do? “Home on the mum’s attic was wrapped in silk paper with a 1993 aszú, you buy it?” It worth a lot? “Every week we encounter such and similar issues. In most cases, however, we have to face the kind of treasure hunter that actually found a glass of ideal value that can be questioned for consumption. If the wine has been stored under inadequate conditions from the first days, When the grandmother keeps wine for two decades in the attic or on the top of the cupboard, then the plug will be terribly dry, even if it stops, the constant and It is easy to break down from 30 ° C in the summer and wine cellar temperatures are ideal, and we often see on the old wines that without the “disintegrated” resolution the bottle can be seen in the strong light not m is a uniform color and shade of beverage in the bottle. When it comes to wine consumption, it is always best to drink wine at the top. Then the quality and concentration of the wine deteriorates. This does not mean that after the peak, it becomes obsolete; In the case of a Vili Papa Cuvée, the peak reaches somewhere around 12-14, the aromas and flavors are the most concentrated, but we think that Vili Papa Cuvée is a nice enjoyment at the age of 20. Every few years, we check every museum item at the winery, as its quality is guaranteed. At the beginning of the year, a 1999 Vili Papa cuvée and a 2000 Tekenőháti Merlotra took place, and I can safely say that all the 2 items still reflect the same body and character in every color and color as a 20-year-old. and item.

In the following sections, we will discuss how to select the wines that we consider to be museums and what our items are now. We have always found it very important to have museums of vintage value, even if we have more museums and running items from one type of wine at a time, because we have the perfect qualities to do that, so we try to fulfill this idea. How and what should we do if we want to (for) important and valuable wines for a long time? If we have a perfect item, where can we sell it? Finally, we’ll give you some examples of world-famous museum items.

Pulay Polett